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MCEC Email Generator Tool (MCEC EmG)

A research tool written in Python for generating and keeping track of recruitment and follow-up emails to participants.

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Demo video

MCEC De-Identification Tool (MCEC DeID)

Automatic de-identifier of email data that follows the HIPAA Safe-Harbor method

GitHub repository (currently under construction)


A wrapper that uses PyCAP for REDCap’s API tailored to the MCEC needs.

GitHub repository (under construction)

COVID-19 México (Spanish)

A JupyterNotebook repository that uses MyBinder, Python, and to track COVID-19 infection in Mexico, France, the United States, and Italy. Data comes from the European CDC.

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How to build your own videogame with Python (Spanish)

A tutorial on how to build your own videogame in Python using PyGame.

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Live coding video


The profile of online students (Spanish audio)

Sample lesson: The verb to be in Spanish (ser y estar)